Music Course Offerings

Saint Benedict’s Prep School

Dr. Jeremy Fletcher, director


(973) 643-4800 x2542


Pep Band & Drumline - The Pep Band and Drumline perform music most often associated with marching bands and sporting events, such as fanfares, rally cries, and high-energy numbers meant to excite a crowd.  Previous experience is recommended for Pep Band, but Drumline is open to beginners as well as advanced students. Members work to develop practice routines that they will use throughout the year in other ensembles. These classes run only during Summer Term.  Drumline also runs as an informal activity during Fall Term.


Beginning Instrumental Lessons – 7th and 8th grade students interested in learning a wind, brass, or percussion instrument can sign up for group lessons (4 or 5 students per day) that will take place once a week during their activity period in Fall Term. The school has a large number of instruments available for student use including flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba, and snare drum.


Wind Ensemble – The Wind Ensemble performs traditional and contemporary wind band music as well as transcriptions of classical favorites. The group consists of 9th through 12th graders who have had a year of instrumental training at St. Benedict’s or in an equivalent band program. Students work to develop ensemble skills, reading skills, and individual instrumental technique. This course is offered during Winter Term.


Chorus – The Saint Benedict’s Chorus is for high school students interested in developing their vocal skills.  Sight singing and reading skills are a large part of the class.  Students sing repertoire from a wide variety of traditions.  Students experience music as service and as celebrity, performing in Convocation, Mass, at fundraisers, and in concert.  This course is offered during Winter Term.


General Music – General Music is offered in both Fall and Winter Term.  Major areas of study include music reading and notation, listening, composition, and music technology.  Students play piano, drums, and a band instrument of their choice. The class is primarily designed for 9th grade students.


Jazz Band – The Jazz Band performs big band as well as small group jazz.  Improvisation skills are emphasized.  The jazz band utilizes some instruments not found in the other ensembles, such as drum set, electric bass, electric guitar, and piano.  These rhythm section spots are highly competitive and placement will be by audition. This course is offered during the Fall Semester.


The Physics of Music - The Physics of Music Spring Phase Project explores some of the basic scientific principles underlying the many facets of what we call music.  Students build instruments that demonstrate these principles.  Students also use these principles to create modern, synthesizer-based music in Garage Band.